Data Delights

Why are Facebook and Google free? Are they really free? What are we giving up for the convenience of "free-ness"? How far are we willing to go to get something for free?

A visitor is confronted with a Smart Google Vending machine. It offers free products and all the visitor has to do is to follow the instructions. Connect to the vending machine using your smartphone and select any drink you want. But in order to go further, you have to sign into your Google account. This vending machine is, of course not owned by Google. The user agreement clearly states, although no one reads it, that by using this machine you are voluntarily giving up your Google credentials to me. So why did you just give me your password?

A printer nearby then prints out the username and passwords of the visitors that interacted with the vending machine, exposing the fragility of our data ecosystem.

Instead of dispensing drinks, the vending machine offers a free zine in hopes of educating the public of the role that data plays in today's society.